About Me

About Me

  • I'm a mum of three boys - a four year old little boy, a sleeping star, and a baby boy
  • I'm a clinical psychologist (so whilst I'm not a proper doctor, the title sounds fancy and I worked bloody hard to get it so I'll use it anyway!)
  • After living in London for many years, we have now escaped to the country
  • Buying a house in London at the right time meant we were able to buy our dream home - a picture perfect grade two listed beauty (which hemorrhages money faster than my shopping habits, but we love it nonetheless) 
  • I'm a lover of fashion, interiors, food and travel
  • I love love love a bargain
  • I'm a little bit addicted to leopard and stripes (and sparkle)
Here's a little photo run through of my story from-choo-to-goo...

Where it all began

 A few months later

Along came this little person...

...who grew into this little man

 ...and our world changed forever. 

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